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We're Christina & Adam Keeling 👋🏽


Welcome to TES, your text marketing coach and virtual assistant right in your back pocket.

Regardless of your rank, we are here to help you every step of the way. 


We have an incredible team of graphic designers, Project Broadcast masterminds, and truly awesome people who help us meet our one and only goal:


To provide you with an effortless service that cuts out the noise and gives you the tools to build genuine relationships without having to fight algorithms or open rates. 


Network Marketing is a relationship business and we believe texting is the best way to do it, period. It's not another way to share about sales. It's a way to meet your customer right where they are -- all with the ability to scale as your team grows.


No gimmicks, the right amount of strategy and support, along with the best content that reads as if you wrote it. Our goal is take away that burden so you can stay focused on what matters most in your business.

I started out sharing oils just like you

I had two babies at home, working a full-time job, and saw the opportunity that was sitting there for me. A chance to have more time with my kids, less demands as an employee reporting to an office, with the ability to dictate my own schedule on my own terms.


I loved helping people. I found community and friendships that I still treasure to this day. But by the time I hit Executive, I was completely overwhelmed...

I was juggling so many responsibilities, mom, wife, friend, wanting to devote time to our church, and working hard to build a team. Oh yeah, and I was pregnant. I was burnt out and realized that my own health was taking a back seat. I was stressed out to the max. We share about health and wellness -- shouldn’t we lead by example?


Yes, it takes dedication and time to build a business. But should that come at the expense of our own health and sanity? No way. I knew I had to work smarter, work more efficiently, and create systems so I could stay focused on what was most important to grow my sales volume and rise up new leaders. I had to figure out how to effectively communicate with my team and be their wellness guide. I needed to earn their trust over and over.

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Project Broadcast was that answer. I dove in headfirst on a prayer that this would solve my biggest problems —


I had 40+ people to care for. I couldn’t keep track of what I had for breakfast that morning, let alone who needed a follow up from me to answer their questions or contact member services for them. I had about an hour and a half of dedicated work time after my kids went to bed every night and I needed to use that time wisely. 


I fell in love with text marketing and so did my team. I was serving them, enjoying having new conversations, and I was so relieved to know that I could offer them resources that would be easy for them to get right on their phone. I started creating content so I could automate my monthly communication. And then, The Engagement Source was born.


So yes, of course, I love writing content. But that’s not what drives me to do this day in and day out. It’s knowing that I can take away some of your overwhelm. That you can be excited about how you serve your team, no matter how big or small it may be. That you can fall in love with sharing oils all over again. All from the palm of your hand, with text. 


We can get more oils and more products into as many homes as possible, together.